Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day

I got to celebrate my first mother's day this past Sunday with all my moms around me - my mom, sis, and Sue gathered at the Gtown house to eat fried chicken and pound cake and enough carbs to make me look 3 months pregnant. Unfortunately there are pics to prove it. Fortunately my boobs look so large in my dress you hopefully won't look at the poochy stomach. The weekend was a bit exhausting as Harlow decided her mother's day present would be a growth spurt which required her to have a boob in her mouth every hour - on the hour - for abour 48 hours. Needless to say I was a bit grumpy about the whole arrangement.

She'll be seven weeks tomorrow and every day brings a new wonder. She can lift her head 90 degrees when she lies on my stomach (but can't seem to repeat the same feat on the floor). She's been giggling which is the greatest sound in the world. And the cooing! We lay her on the floor so she can check out the nursery and she starts making these high pitched squeals and wriggles her whole body. Too cute. I laid on the floor with her and we read her first book on color - I swear she did not turn away once. She really liked green and purple and the brown shoe.

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