Tuesday, September 22, 2009

okey gnocchi

This is an ugly duckling story.

I do not mean to say that the ugly little duck turns into a swan. That's a fairy tale. And this?

This is a really, really ugly mound of potato.

The October issue of Gourmet arrives with promises, promises (with photos!) I don't know if it can keep, the kind that compel the easily distracted into their first attempt at making pasta from scratch.

Fairy princess had her doubts.

She wasn't willing to trade her magic wand for a cookie, so we got this.

Not bad, definitely not glorious, but a decent first attempt. Oh, but you know what is glorious? Pan fried sage on homemade pasta. Try it. You will thank me. She will, too. Or turn you into Dora with her magic wand. I can't make any promises.


Sassy Molassy said...

Don't do the sage if you're nursing though. It dries up your milk.

I've been meaning to try gnocchi for a while, as it is A's favorite. And I have a sage plant!

warren said...

I saw this in the Gourmet and said to Stacey "This is what I'm going to make!" I usually try a few recipes from the mag and this looked like a definite winner. Did you use a ricer to "mash" the potats? Though sage isn't one of my favorite spices, frying it whole in olive oil sounds delish.

Melissa said...

You will most definitely want to run it through a ricer. I gave up after 15 minutes with a baby food mill, and every bite had lumps. Ooh- happy accident - sauteed the gnocchi in the butter sauce and that gave it some nice texture.