Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book update


That's me. Trying not to look like a complete doofus having my picture taken by myself by my mother/promoter at last week's booksigning at Muddy's Bakeshop. There were torrential downpours and a late start time, yet the bakery was packed with friends and family and -to my absolute thrill - complete strangers who wanted to check out the book! Kat Gordon, empress of Muddy's, made adorable mini cupcakes that matched the book, and I ate those cupcakes as I signed my name... over and over... for people buying the book. I cannot begin to describe how surreal it feels to type that sentence, let alone how it felt last Wednesday. I'm proud to say that they sold out of their first run, and I had to bring in extra books from the car! If anybody needs anything of theirs sold, just hire my mom.

The next signing is rapidly approaching - Thursday September 24 6 PM at Elmwood Cemetery! I'm throwing this party for myself, so I have free reign to get my goofy on. Expect weirdness. And cake. There will definitely be cake.


Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

You look fabulous! I got a couple action shots too; I'll email 'em to you. The book is FANTASTIC!

Everyone reading this- we sold out of our stock at the booksigning (luckily Melissa brought more with her!) and now we're almost sold out AGAIN! It's THAT good! Seriously great gift for a bride or even just a friend who enjoys knowing cool stuff. :)
Great job Melissa!

Stacey Greenberg said...

a book signing at elmwood! i love it. i will def try and make it. congrats!!

Joe said...

Weirdness and cake! Who could ask for more?