Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lunch date

It's not every day that a lunch date turns into an excursion through three cemeteries and walking tour of a mausoleum, but not every lunch date is with my friend Michael. I had all sorts of plans lined up for my afternoon while Harlow was with a sitter, but they had to take a back seat when Michael revealed that Elmwood cemetery had a section devoted to the Order of the Odd Fellows, a fraternal order that has long been a fascination of mine. Before I knew it, we were touring Travelers' graves at Calvary, dodging dragonflies at Elmwood and peeking inside an open, vacated tomb inside Forest Hill's mausoleum. No lunch date with MIchael is complete without some good ghost stories, so I learned about the Crying Angel in Millington, the Blood Family and why it was never a good idea to agree to visit cemeteries with his Uncle Jimmy.

While the cemeteries and Victorian architecture were the icing, the sheer act of doing something spontaneous made for one of the most freeing afternoons I've spent in a quite awhile. So thanks for that.


Vance Lauderdale said...

This "Michael" person — if that is his real name — sounds like a kook to me.

divinitygirl said...

wait! i think i know this michael. it must have been a great day!