Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harlow: A Glossary Part II

Strange things are happening with this child.

She says things like " Where are we going next?" and "What are you looking for, mama?" and "I need to go shopping" and I respond in kind like two people actually having a conversation. You have to understand that up until very recently the typical exchange is more like:

H: Mama.
M: Yes, honey?
H: I want mumumumum(indecipherable)mumumu no!
M: No?

Even stranger was her reaction to her new parents-day-out classroom and teachers, where instead of trying to gouge my eyes out in fury over being left behind with kids and toys I know she loves, she calmly walked to a table, sat down, and briefly looked up from her game to wave goodbye.

I was so proud and kinda devastated all at the same time.

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Joe said...

Oh, just wait... Nealy started her first week at 'Big School' (pre-k) last week. We both took her in for the first day, walked her up to the door, gave her a kiss... And watched her go in, pick up a toy, talk to classmates, and never even look back at us.

Shit, that's not supposed to happen 'til she's in her teens, right?!?

Still, there's nothing cooler than actually being able to converse with them and start to learn what's in their head.