Monday, August 03, 2009


It's been a little nutty in Sweazyland, what with Daddy recording an album and doing manual labor in 100 degree heat and prepping for a half marathon next month while Mommy is trying to get ready for her photography show and work on the launch of a book whose physical arrival to her home may ultimately require human sacrifice. I know I am about ready to volunteer for it.

So not much blogging.

But we still have a kid, and I must say she's crazy busy, too. She's really, really into letters, physically hauling around at least half of the alphabet in a red bucket wherever we go, because you never know when there might be a spelling emergency. I think she must read my facebook posts.

We made the switch to a big girl bed, and by big girl bed I mean mattress on the floor. Daddy is going to build you that platform bed anyday now. (See above) The day she managed to rappel out of crib like a baby this guy was also around the time the pacifier fairy came to take hers away, we explained, to a sweet newborn babe.

This did not go over well.

She broke us after a week when, on the last night, she was up from 11 PM - 4 AM. Too tired to fight, we gave her back the pacifier, and to thank us, she stopped taking her afternoon nap. Overnight this child went from luxurious 2 -3 hr mama-gets-a-decent-amount-of-time-to-work naps to nada. It never occurred to me that the afternoon nap was something that could go away, and now that it has, it seems to have been replaced by some kind of crazy supertoddler energy that boils over a good three hours before bedtime. It is because of this phenomenon that by 5 PM I'm ready to write a master's thesis on the origins of cocktail hour, cold beverage in hand, while daydreaming about kissing the inventor of white wine full on the mouth.

One glass of wine followed by a 3 mile run in the hot dusk (I hate you, August) = signing off.


Mrs. Katherine said...

Big girl bed and pacifier at the same time? You're brave. We haven't tried either yet, but we are tackling the potty. Have you started that yet?

divinitygirl said...

i highly reccomend tying the door of harlow's room shut. mccool's naps (more like "mccool time" some days)would never happen if it weren't for the fact that he can't get out of his room!