Sunday, July 05, 2009

Week in Review

It appears an illiterate but well-meaning drunk took over blogging duties. The mistake is being corrected and the responsible parties are being sacked.

Posting has been light this past week because I've been writing. A lot. I'm facing down a huge, self-esteem shredding deadline, so unfortunately this also means I've also should I put this? A smidge batshit crazy. Not diaper-wearing, driving cross country crazy, but the kind where I had to rule out possible medication snafus and hysterical pregnancy before I had to accept that I just really have a hard time writing on deadline. In deference to my husband who craves privacy like I do chocolate covered anything, I'm not gonna go into details of our week of marital discord, but I will say that I've been awful to live with. And to the woman who walked in on me sobbing in the Volvo dealership bathroom, no, mascara is not supposed to look like that.

I'm sorry.

I hope that when I make my deadline, my everyday, endearing brand of crazy will return, along with more posts.

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