Thursday, July 09, 2009

The List

What I neglected to mention in my last post was that this extremely hot, extremely naked actor has been on The List for about a year now. You know, the five actors/celebrities you'd leave your spouse for if you had the opportunity to have one crazy wild night of...staring at them from your friend's couch? ( I say with all sincerity that I am married to a man I find so irresistible that he still makes me all fluttery inside when he walks into a room. Oh, true story: Caleb was at the premiere party for a movie back in the 90s, and his buddies kept pointing out that the actress star of the movie kept checking him out. They made eye contact. There were some smiles, and fortunately for me, nothing else. The actress? Angelina Jolie. )

Angelina Jolie, who I believe, is #2 on my List.

So, basically, I am chatting real time with my friend who is taunting me, TAUNTING ME with Mr. #1's proximity to her bedroom. Oh hey! He's juggling limes in my backyard! Now? He's sitting in my porch swing, being dreamy.

How often does this happen? Where you actually know the whereabouts of Mr #1 on The List, and they happen to be in your friend's BEDROOM?

Lesson learned? It is a very, very good thing to be a photo rep.

When Nylon Magazine comes out in a few months, I'll post some pics of Mr. #1

Rounding out my list?

#3 Johnny Depp (I know. He's on everybody's list. But thanks to Public Enemies, he's firmly back in the top 5. And I'm just a sucker for men in tailored coats and suits...and guyliner)
#4 Gerard Butler (300 may be the gayest movie that wasn't straight out gay porn, but it worked for me)
#5 Cary Grant (yeah, he's dead (hint for #1) But he was my very first celebrity crush. And did you see The Philadelphia Story?

Who's on your List?


Stephanie said...

Hold on- if being dead is a hint, should I be creeped out that a dead guy in your friend's bedroom? Naked?!?!

Just kidding, obviously your #1 is Clooney.
My #2 retweeted something I posted on Twitter, and it gave me material to work with for months!

Amanda said...

I have a hard time keeping up with them, but definitely Gael Garcia Bernal, Clive Owen, and Ewan McGregor. My high school love for Mr. McGregor will never die.

Melissa said...

Good guess, Chockley. But keep guessing!

Amanda, I am data merging my list with yours. And adding Javier Bardem.

Secret Agent Mom said...

Hm, Cary Grant, so ... gay and suave? Rupert Everett? Neil Patrick Harris? Hugh Jackman (yeah, wife, kids, yada ... come on!)?

Javier Bardem is partially acceptable from some angles and positively simian from others.

Warren said...

A vampire?

Bette said...

I'm going to skip to the point and put Johnny Depp in slots 1-5. Funny you say he is on everyone's list, because I'm pretty sure my heterosexual husband would leave me for one night with Johnny Depp.

Amanda said...

OMG I knew I was forgetting someone and it was one Mr. Bardem. If you have not seen Vicki Christina Barcelona, get thyself to a video store POST HASTE. In the meantime, watch this video:

Chip said...

Too much estrogen in here. My five? 1- Winona Ryder (has occupied that spot for 20 years now) 2- Natalie Portman, 3-Jennifer Connelly, 4-Jessica Alba, 5- Bar Refaeli (Leo's squeeze).

I don't really get the Bardem thing-- he looks like somebody made Brad Pitt Hispanic and then punched him in the nose really hard several times. Oh wait, nevermind-- that's Benecio Del Toro.

Cullen said...

Ok, is Cary Grant the hint, or he's dead? If it is Cary Grant, i am guessing Hugh Grant or Cary Elwes. If it's the dead thing, um, Robert Pattinson or someone else that plays vampires in movies?

Stephanie said...

Yeah, but if it's the Twilight guy then we might not be able to be friends anymore.

christina said...

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men! The mystery, the suits, the charisma....