Monday, October 06, 2008

Image X Day 1

Image X Day 1

So I have landed in New Orleans, getting to live out a fantasy by shooting with some of my favorite, most admired wedding photographers in the business. I am so on the cusp of deciding how far I want to take this - what has been a hobby seems to be turning into a business on its own - so I figured putting myself in the shoes of my heroes would be a way to help guide me toward a decision. And get a chance to come back to my fave city on the planet, of course.

When I walked into the conference room this morning, I felt like it was the first day of school and I was the transfer student. EVERYBODY seemed to know each other already, so I sat there with my muffin and my Iphone and pretended to look really interested in my free USA Today.

Fortunately when we split into our classes - I was off to see the delightful Chenin and Doug Boutwell - the introductions and smiles came fast. My brain is about to explode from the information overload, but I can say that whatever hesitation I felt this morning about coming here was erased once we were on the ground, walking through the French Quarter, shooting our models and learning as we went.

This is one of my favorite pics from this afternoon. It's not cropped exactly how I would like, but I caught this as the models were relaxing and waiting their turn. It also draws attention to my "style," something Chenin talked about repeatedly today. I'm learning that I really like to cut people's heads off in photos.

I'm not exactly sure what that says about me.

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Chip said...

So. Jealous.