Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Mother and daughter both survived her first official day of PDO. I truly don't think I have ever felt more MOM than this morning, dropping my baby girl off with her lunch and blanket and nodding at all the other moms (and dads) delivering their little ones to the Misses Amazing. Even stranger for me was that this PDO is located in the church in which I grew up. I have barely stepped foot in it since our return to Memphis, and it was hard not to be pummeled by nostalgia and weirdness all at once. My head was about to explode from nerves - was she going to sob? Bite a kid? Bite me? But she shocked me by not even crying as I left and reportedly dove right into playing. When I came to pick her up, she sniffled a bit and then quickly set about trying to show me around and lead me to the playground. She didn't seem to believe me when I said I'd been there before.

Must sleep now. Precious few hours before the photography show and tons of work left to do...

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