Monday, September 15, 2008

Cooper Young Festival

Firebrand, originally uploaded by medusahead.

Caleb and his snazzy furniture made their big debut on Saturday. As is typical for the CY Festival weekend, summer unleashed one last, nasty fireball of a farewell, but my fellow corn dog eaters were undeterred. Lots of people stopped in to check out his work, not to mention the old typewriter and phone propped up on his furniture. It was kind of amazing to hear more than one adult explain to their children what a typewriter was and how it was used before we all had our fingers transplanted with Wiis.

He received tons of praise and kudos for his work, and I just couldn't be more proud. I bugged the everlasting shit out of him this weekend, fussing over the staging of the booth and his business cards and the adorable if not illegible sign I whipped up during Harlow's nap, but it was because his work was that good that I wanted a setting that reflected it. If I can get my dream craft fair up and running in the spring, he'll be back with even more Skateland finery. In the meantime, if you want something built for your nursery, your dining room, your imaginary dream home, drop Caleb a line! Or go listen to his music, because when not building furniture and being an all around loving husband and father, he likes to play.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

i thought his booth looked brilliant! nice work! and his furniture is amazing!