Tuesday, August 05, 2008

girls night out

girls night out, originally uploaded by medusahead.

Why do we have gyms? Why do we have workout classes when places like Senses exist? Saturday night my long awaited cheesy dream came true when - mere seconds away from ending girls night after The Cove - we rallied and danced and danced and danced at the Place That Looks Like An Airport Strip Club But Isn't. Hot sweaty people watching fun with my lady mama friends. Mamas cage dancing, no less. So fun that I had to take breaks and hydrate and give my poor out of shape thighs and calves a chance to process the shock. So fun that I kept dancing even though DJ Suck only got it right about 1 out of every 3 songs. You know what I wish? That Senses was open 24 hours. That it was a common, encouraged activity to just hop onto the dance floor during your lunch hour and just shake it. Forget noontime drivetime disco. Dance the noontime disco.

More pics here.

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marycash said...

You get a noontime disco going and I will totally be there.

Even if it means I have to pack lunch, a little travel antiperspirant, and copious amounts of body spray.