Monday, May 26, 2008

Such a big girl

big girl, originally uploaded by medusahead.

It's hard to keep my mind on the real reason for honoring today when all I can do is a continuous happy dance that Alexa and Mike now live in Memphis. Well, Collierville for the time being, but that beats 3,000 miles. They rolled in on Friday night, and per Lex's request, we ordered up some Memphis Pizza Cafe, drained several bottles of wine and just giggled over the fact that we're neighbors.

(Speaking of wine - I neglected to mention that while in Chicago we stopped by a wine tasting where I sampled my first glass of red wine in 7 years. No headache, no vomiting. It seems non-American wines are the way to go. And I have such a way to go.)

Speaking of momentous occasions, I feel a failure as a mommy blogger that I have neglected to mention that Harlow is kinda sorta walking. She can practically run if she's holding onto a finger, but she has been taking tentative steps on her own. My seriously jacked up lower back is psyched that we are steadily moving forward. I'm kinda sad that soon she won't need me as much. I'm also simply terrified at the thought of having the toddler version of Harlow unleashed and running amok.

She's such an fascinating companion these days. Feeding herself with a spoon, spending a full minute petting the dog so she can feel the softness of his fur under her fingers. Random family belly button inspections. Lying on her back on the kitchen floor and singing row row row your boat. Just because she can.

I have no pictures, I have no audio, but please take my word for the truth when I say Caleb played one of his best shows in years Saturday night. HIs singer-songwriter gig showcases his killer songwriting skills, but Saturday was all about sexy, dirty rock n roll. The man was on fire with a backing band, all Jaggeresque attitude and charisma. And I got to go home with him.

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