Thursday, May 22, 2008


converse, originally uploaded by medusahead.

I took this picture this morning.I mention this because it was a minor miracle that I was even able to hold my camera and shoot, what with the stack of shoes being thrown at me and orders barked to fit them. That's right.

My daughter is a shoe whore.

She comes by it honestly. But not from me. I'm really late to the game. The past two years I finally caught up to the rest of my sex and starting buying shoes that couldn't be categorized as "will work with most outfits" or "has sensible heel." No, the blame falls squarely on Caleb's fancy feet.


The above photo was not styled. That is all Harlow. Just like her daddy, when she has on an outfit, shoes must be tried on. ALL of them. Like the sweet flower she is, she holds them out to me, sticks out her foot and then yells at me if the shoe doesn't fit. I can't say I blame her. I want to build a little shoe shrine to those candy apple patent leather red moccasins, but somebody just had a growth spurt, and I hate to disappoint, but those shoes are just not fittin.

Wearing mismatched shoes* is exhausting.

*turns out you gotta click on the pics in this post to actually see them in their full digitized glory

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Tom said...

So cute!! My wife got a pair of same pink stuff Converse shoes for our sweet daughter.