Thursday, February 07, 2008

Start Spreading the News...That it is God's Will I Will Never Leave Town Again

I didn't REALLY expect a disaster to strike when I left town. Maybe she wouldn't take a bottle for the first couple times he offered. Maybe she would cry all night because her mommy wasn't there to nurse her to sleep and poor daddy would rock her for hours, cursing mama's name. It would suck for him and he'd find ways to rub it in for months. Sucky, but not a disaster. Nothing like, say, a tornado blowing through town and decimating part of the city. A tornado. In Memphis. In February. To his credit, because he didn't want to scare me, he waited until after he and Harlow were in the basement when the power went out, when the radio ordered Shelby County citizens to immediately seek shelter, to call me. Of course, they were fine. Well, baby girl still had the Croup - the unF-ING-believable Croup that struck the night I left, but no more tornadoes. Geez, why's God gotta be all up in my grill and shit? Mama just wanted a quick little break.

And mama got a quick little break.

More on that to come.

For our movie-worthy reunion? She took one look at me, then started waving and the dog. Missed you too, sweet baby.

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