Wednesday, October 10, 2007

La La Land

Tamales were eaten, the baby was kissed aplenty, drinks were ordered poolside at the Roosevelt and on the rooftop of the Peninsula, even iconic Angelyne was spotted driving down Sunset in her pink corvette. It was a lovely, leisurely simultaneously exhausting trek back to the place where we fell in love, made a baby and decided to abandon it all in the name of sensible cost of living and averaging over 14 mph on the freeway.

How I miss it so. But then, I'm kinda happy to be back. My head is confused.

It certainly seemed the universe was begging us back to LA. We scored a beautiful home 4 houses down from one of our dearest friends in the world - a free place mind you, that normally houses a 9 month old child. So there was a crib and a highchair and babyproofness galore. There was also no indication from the sparse balinese design and nary a plastic lump of baby crap that children - 2 of them - actually lived there. We were inspired and ashamed to have already become "those" parents we swore we'd never become. The only hitch - and it was a big one - was that the room we slept in was rather receptive to the elements, those being the 50 degree temperatures and the local ant population that was extremely enthusiastic about some yet undiscovered bonbon in my suitcase. For her part, Harlow decided that she would rather stay on Memphis time - the entire length of the trip. So it was up at 5:45 and down around 6:30 which made for some hectic and exhausting circumnavigating the city, trying to cram in as much as the day - and Harlow - would allow us. But I should say more about the house before I move on. It was built in the 1920s by one of Disney's original Imagineers. You know why he got the job? My guess is because he was the type of person who scored a half-acre lot in LA (yes, you read that right) and built a freakin miniature train around the property. A miniature train! Just like Silver Spoons! (When I mentioned this to our friends while we were giving them the tour of the house, Michael turned to me and said it was funny I referenced that show as his father directed pretty much every single episode. Hee. Small world. The very next day at lunch our friend the casting agent went on a rant about a certain actor from said show whom she had just read for a part. World? Just got even smaller.)

We had a couple dinner parties at the Highland Park pad, the highlight being the takeout Indian food from one of old fave haunts. I literally ate so much it hurt, but a good hurt. It set a nice precedent. Mornings were typically spent having tea on the backyard deck with our friend and neighbor Jen before jetting over to another old haunt in the city, the trip usually crafted around a particular dish and the friend who lived closest to it. I think I'm gonna model all future trips this way.

I'm gonna stop here and get in bed as Harlow has now decided she missed LA and wakes frequently to tell me.

Coming soon: Fabio, our old apartment gets a makeover, and Caleb makes out with Jennifer Aniston

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Stacey Greenberg said...

i was just coming to scold you for not posting and voila! welcome home!