Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Intentions

Harlow .7 as her daddy calls her this month, up from the .6 version last month, quite simply, rocks. She's been fun, delightful, mellow baby doll, but now we have the sitting up, and the world has changed for all of us. I'm already fuzzy on the first day it happened. She'd been using the cast an anchor of sorts, and when we got to LA sans cast, Harlow decided she was tired of staring at her feet and wanted to check out the rest of us. Ok, so she promptly stuffs her feet into her mouth at any given chance, especially while she's sitting up, and this usually results in her falling backwards, bonking her head, crying, and then sitting up. Wash, rinse, repeat. But she's just insanely cute these days, batting those big drag queen eyelashes, raising her arms in a victory pose and working on a proto-wave, and the babbling! I've gotten a nah-nah, a meh-meh and -oh yeah - ME-OW. I hesitate to say it was her first word, mainly cause I'm still kinda freaked over its presentation, a very adult sounding mee-ow as I was blathering on about "what does the kittykat say?" Of course she hasn't said it again and no one believes me, and when she busts out with Mama in the next few months I'll be just fine with that going down on the official record.

We had lots of plans for our Sunday, a day that kinda felt like fall and showcased the first yellow and red leaves in the nieghborhood. But baby girl went to bed with a nasty cough and woke up with her very first cold, making for very nervous, tired, not at all hungover parents from the 10 year college reunion the night before. There was some vomiting (her) and some crying (both of us), a discussion about the ER and then, wouldn't you know? We ended up at the ER, but with a different patient. Poor Caleb set out for his long run and returned home winded, spooked and bright red. Poor thing was covered in hives and the epi-pen was nowhere to be found. So we piled in the car and raced to a hospital that would not be downtown. By the time we saw a doctor (and I am extremely happy to report that our wait time was about a 1/78th of the previous one) the hives were fading and we were sent home. So it looks like no more beef or pork products for Caleb for the time being, which, by default, means we can no longer reside in the BBQ pork capital of the US. So it was nice knowing you all. I hear the Tofurkey capital is lovely this time of year.


Stacey Greenberg said...


what's scarier, having to wait eternally at the ER or being rushed in almost immediately? ;)

Chip said...

Allergic reaction to beef or pork? I've never heard of such a thing! You sure it wasn't kiwi or pumpkin pie or something? Or running. Some people are known to be allergic to running.