Thursday, September 27, 2007

I should have ordered the burger

6:30 Dinner at Bosco's. The 22 year old waitress calls me hon. Harlow won't stop fussing. I'm really thinking I should get the salmon. The pressure is on. I surprise myself by going with the ahi tuna.

6:42 Duck spring rolls. Not as good as the ones at Do, but they still vanish off the plate in seconds.

6:58 The Tuna arrives.

7:30 I feel hot. My face feels really hot. Burning hot. My head is starting to throb. I had a glass of wine. Just one, right? Wow, my head really hurts. No, this does not stop me from suggesting we go to Sweet for dessert.

7:55 Sweet! We're at Sweet. Except I have a powerful hankering for coffee. Anything to stop this headache. I talk to a pregnant girl and tell her about Mothersville, all the while wondering if my face looks as tomato-ish as it feels. I need to sit down.

8:10 Caroline confirms that yes, I am as red as I feel. Caleb tells me I look drunk. I'm too dizzy to come up with a snappy retort. My heart is racing. I told the waitress decaf, right? Caleb looks concerned. I'm starting to have trouble breathing through my nose. I am concerned, too.

8:30 Oh my god I am red. Like painted with a red sharpie red. So is my chest. And my back. And my left foot? What the hell?

8:32 I take a benadryl

8:33 Wow. You could fry an egg on my face. Yet all I want to do is get in the tub. Ooh, stomach is making scary noises. I get on the internet. Allergy to wine? No. Let's google "flushing, red, headache"

8:45 Scombroid fish poisoning.
8:46 No, that sounds way too exotic.
8:47 The symptoms match mine exactly.
8:50 I call Bosco's. The manager keeps insisting everything was prepared in olive oil. But it's the good fat, right?
8:51 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you scombroid fish poisoning.
8:52 Oh wow. Scombroid. This sounds so fancy. I read further. It's from tuna that's been left out too long and then cooked but all the creepy crawlies have left their mark. Oh god I want to puke. Oh wait, I see it's coming up on the list.
9:00 Still red.
9:15 Hey, now we're in the pink family!
9:20 Ooh boy. Head and stomach haven't gotten the benadryl memo...


RJA said...

Does the scombroid come with new potatoes or did you get the steamed vegetables?

Kristy said...

Oh no! You just cannot catch a break.

Stephanie said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry. I admire your dedication to your blog, though. I don't think I would have had the energy to type that one up.

Chip said...

Yikes! So sorry.

I actually had the ahi tuna tacos there (and reviewed them on the DWM "Convergence" review of Bosco's)and loved them. Maybe I was lucky.

Stacey Greenberg said...

were you googling on your fancy iphone at sweet?


i hope you are feeling better now!!

Secret Agent Mom said...

Just confirms the fact that tuna is inherently evil.

natalie said...

Yikes! Glad you made it through ok. I found your blog via Mothersville and am delighted that you're there! Dave and I have just had our own wee critter and have a blog about the little guy as well. Hope to see you next time we're in Memphis!