Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There you have it. That is what 34 weeks looks like. And please note the bruise. Call me crazy, but I think the squirmer did enough damage in my innards to leave a mark. Sure felt that way.

UP at 4 this morning, my first real bout of insomnia. Forgot to take off the wedding ring and the Crystal Light I insisted on sucking down before bed gave me Super Mario hands. Hurt like crazy. And now this weird pain in both boobs, under the rib cage. Googlage revealed that 1) my rib cage is expanding along with my entire pelvis 2) baby is doing a handstand and has wedged its foot under my ribs or 3) I'm in my 3rd trimester and should accept any bizarre pain with zen buddha-like tolerance. And then I was starving, so I shrugged on the bathrobe, ate some toast and peanut butter and wrote until Caleb got up at 6. Then promptly napped until 9. They say the insomnia is Mother Nature's way of preparing mom for a future of sleepless nights. I'm with Jill. Mother Nature is so totally a dude.

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