Saturday, February 03, 2007

funny dreams

last night I dreamed that my son was here in town but kept in a nursery until I, still visibly pregnant, gave birth to him. Maybe it was him in spirit form. Anyhow, I was able to sneak in and visit him one night. He didn't know who I was - he called me Danielle, apparently confusing me with the camp counseloresque woman in charge of him - apparently they were riding horses the next morning and he was VERY excited about that. But I told him I wasn't Danielle but his...mommy. His face lit up in recognition of the word and he seemed very excited at the prospect of having a mommy, but I sensed he was still a bit attached to this Danielle character. I figured it would both take us some time to get to know each other.

Later in the dream my water broke, and I frantically called several salons to see if I could come in for a blowout. Good to know my priorities are in order.

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