Monday, February 19, 2007

Holy Crap

I'm 34 weeks pregnant. This means that it is completely within the realm of possibility that I could become a mom anytime from today to 6 weeks from now. Because of the diabetes, I will not be allowed to go over my due date of April 4th, so there you have it. Baby is coming soon. All I've talked about is how great it would be if the baby, being the antsy little squirmer they are, decided to hurry up and join the party here. But now as the realization of what that means is dawning, after we attend our 3rd childbirth class tonight, as we assemble the final pieces of the nursery, I'm still anxious for baby to get here, but maybe just slightly less so. So much change and chaos and the unknown looming. But man I can't wait to see what's been cooking in here all these months.

At my last drs. appt Diane did a manual inspection of my belly and pronounced that she thought the baby felt "big." Not gestational diabetes big - my blood sugar numbers are fine - but big. Sweazy babies are famously on the big side, so I fully expected the woman doing the ultrasound to fall out of her seat in shock after getting a look at our little one. But she gestimated 4 lbs. 6 oz. - exactly the weight he/she is supposed to be. Of course, there is a 10-15% margin of error.

Oh - and why I love my husband? Last Wed was Valentine's Day, and he got me a heart, pictured above. He also got up at 6 AM and walked the dog for an hour in below freezing temps so I wouldn't have to. I love me that man.

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