Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What to expect when they are hellbeasts

Surprisingly, What to Expect: The Toddler Years doesn't include a chapter on this. Maybe that's because toddler is synonymous with "mutant spawn."

Maybe because 500 pages of :The Toddler Years is synonymous with "sucker."

But it also turns out that they are working on stuff in that little toddler laboratory. I suppose I would be cranky 24-7 if I was cutting teeth through my skin and trying to work out the concept of "be gentle with the ant."

Yesterday I was ready to put her on craigslist's free section. Today she has just blown me away with that big brain of hers.

I counted to four, and without prompting, she said "five."

Turns out she is paying attention.

She introduced about six new words into her vocabulary today, one of them being "happy" as her daddy tossed her into the air. She nestled into my arms as I read her a book. Turns out I learned a new definition of the word happy today, too.

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