Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bring All Your Dreams Alive

So I have another baby.

It’s been keeping me up at night. It’s making it hard to update this blog regularly, let alone fold some laundry or remember to feed the pets. But it’s worth it.

I’m a bidness lady!

I’m so thrilled to announce that in the glorious tradition of English major mamas with negligible retail experience, I’m the newest co-owner of Mothersville, a natural parenting store in Cooper-Young. I’ve recalled here how much the store came to mean to me in the foggy early days of postpartumpalooza. The Wednesday playgroup welcomed me and my snoozy baby with open arms. Then there was the owner Andria, nine months pregnant and still showing up to work every morning. Picture the wit of Hugh Laurie without the acid, the ratatat comebacks of a Nora Charles, the cool blonde of a Hitchcock heroine - AND a completely nonjudgemental attitude when it comes to Parenting 101, and you'll understand why she maintains such a loyal following. There was her plea to the universe for help, and the stunning realization that one of the coolest, most unique stores in Memphis - I'll be honest - one of the few reasons I was happy to have moved to Memphis, period - was going to be taken away from us. So, with a lot of thought but with a much stronger gut reaction, I decided to jump into the fray. I know it couldn't have been the easiest decision for her to take on a partnership with someone she is just getting to know, let alone someone with the spastic energy equivalent of a Scrappy Doo. (I do eventually simmer down. I promise!) But as I remind her every five minutes, I'm truly excited to help usher Mothersville into its next incarnation.

Which will be a Xanadu rollerskating themed boutique! Breastfeeding on skates. Disco balls and boobs. Hell, Michael Beck is from Memphis. We can totally do an in-store appearance.

It's gonna be magic.


RJA said...

Andria wrote this, didn't she?

Secret Agent Mom said...

So very excited to have you on board, despite what the eternal poker face might imply.

But ... how are we going to make the playgroupers wear togas?

Stacey Greenberg said...

xanadu rollerskating! now you're talking!