Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weekly wrap up

The Sweazys have been laid-up with a collecive cold, so not much blogging, more on the resting, last minute Christmas dash side. Because she's sniffly, Harlow has needed to eat. A lot. At 3 AM she was howling for attention, so Caleb stumbled out of bed to get her and while I blearily rolled over and got the boob ready. He laid her down beside me in the dark, and in the quiet, came this tiny little voice.


Truly a sweeter sound was never heard. Especially at 3 AM.

And sweet she has been. We now have a clapping, pre-crawling, scooting, picking up the yuckiest thing on the floor she can find generally happy baby.

Unless she is being spoonfed. Miss Independent now only wants to feed herself, so it's down with the pureed food in the spoon, hello fake banana-like cereal. This new phase has resulted in her not eating as much during the day - there's only so much those tiny fingers can grab - so it's no coincidence why I've become the 24 hr. drive thru. And then I had the flash of brilliance. Monkey See Monkey Do, right?

I got me a baby food jar and a spoon and the next 60 seconds was me going to town on air plums and bananas. This pretend glop of food was nirvana in a jar, manna from heaven. This was almost exactly like my eating air hamburgers in the bathroom of my elementary school, except then I didn't have a motive for acting like a nutter. Harlow was intrigued and tentatively took a bite. I kid you not - 2 minutes later that jar was empty. I did a victory lap around the dining room, and for a very special treat, was only awakened once in the night.

Has hasn't happened since, but I then, I can't get all spoiled, right?

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