Thursday, November 01, 2007

Procrastination Nation

My readership of 3 knows what happened last week, right? I just don't have the energy to do the details. Scary man attacked me with my chlid in my arms. Store got robbed. Man got caught. Man is in jail. Man is in karma jail. Mama and baby are hanging in. Both are a bit crazy. I'm trying not to read into Harlow's INTENSE separation anxiety as anything more than just the stage she's in, but the constant screaming if she's not physically attached to my body can't help but make me wonder if she's picking up on my whacked out energy. I am tired. I am sad. No, I was sad and now I'm angry. I'm a sad/angry/all is forgiven I am compassionate motherfucker is going down ping pong ball. But you know why I'm really angry? Motherfucker had to go and f up my writing groove. Seriously. Writing takes work and discipline and all I want to do is eat chocolate and take baths and watch Lisa Williams talk to people about their dead loved ones on TV. I mean, that kind of counts as research, right? My novel is all about psychics..well, the novel that I'm not supposed to be working on as I made an agreement with myself that I would be working on the other one. Definitely not the werewolf story. Or the dance movie. Sigh. I suppose if I'm gonna procrastinate, it may as well be by working on other stories.

And to all of you that have called and written and sent a prayer out into the universe for me, I want to say that your thoughts, advice and love have filled me up and make me feel floaty....when I don't feel like punching a hole through a wall and eating a small city. A small city made of chocolate.


Stacey Greenberg said...

if it makes you feel any better, satchel is 5 and still has to follow me from room to room.

go to mo's edge and drink an avalanche!! you may need to pump first though ;)

Shannon said...

you are kidding me? arrggg, that makes me angry. i am so sorry.

(a fellow cooper-younger)