Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I AM maternal!

Two doozies since I've been in LA:

I dream that I am in India and the town we're visiting has been struck by a deadly plague. The few remaining healthy are clustered together in a sterile safehouse with a glass door that lets us see out into the village. It's monsoon season and the town is engulfed in rain. The light is really strange, kind of a reddish yellow at sunset. A little girl stands outside the glass door, barely visible under the sheets of falling rain. I want to help her, but the survivors tell me to let it go - I'm pregnant and I can't risk exposure.

Suddenly, this is all just too unacceptable to me, and I fling open the door and take the girl into my arms. She is burning up, and as I hug her, her fever passes into me, and I black out.

The next night I dream that I am pregnant and the Hulk - yes, the same from the comics, is on the loose in the city. Most are terified of him because he has become increasingly unstable, his good deeds easily confused with the bad as he has become more violent and unpredictable. Apparently the Hulk and I are acquaintances. Anyhow.

I enter this mansion where these beautiful,gothy people perform these Cirque du Soleil-like acts on stilts, but something about them scares me. I use a pole o launch myself up onto a narrow beam on the second story. Good thing, because the people are vampires are some similar baddy, and they have decided they want to kill me and take my child. So now I'm on the run through this crazy mansion with vampires cirque du soleil performers after me. I stumble down a flight of stairs and a man chasing me tells me to slow down because he "wants it to hurt when he cuts me." I finally scream out for the Hulk to come to my rescue, and most of the mansion is destoyed when he arrives like a cyclone and punches through walls. That's all I remember.

Lesson learned? No more pizza befoe bedtime.

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