Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Heart of Rock N Roll is still beatin

I heard my baby's heartbeat today. That was pretty amazing. In all honesty, it sounded more like a 1950s sci fi radio serial than a distinct ga-gong, as Patrick Swayze so eloquently put it. More of staccato rythym over a spaceship. But still pretty freakin cool. I still can't believe I'm growing a baby in there.

Not much has changed over the past few weeks, hence my not really being over here to post. My energy level has definitely increased, I believe I have graduated to a C cup, and my 9th grade acne has decided it's time for a high school reunion. But other than that, I'm great and I can't be more thrilled about it.

Last night I dreamed about holding my son who was in diapers as we were getting ready to board a plane. I think he was not quite 1, yet he told me in no uncertain terms that he was really excited about getting to visit Italy. I told him that I was glad he was excited, and then I made a bunch of weird faces when he wasn't looking, because my one year old was speaking in full sentences.

I'm pretty much convinced it's a boy.

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